Naguraki Tsushima

Naguraki Tsushima

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Naguraki Tsushima

A nice very large Tsuchima Nagurakivi. Nagura is familiar to all sharpeners, not to mention natural stone users. Nagura stone is used to clean the surface of the stone.

By regularly using Nagura stone, you ensure that the finishing stones maintain their optimal performance. In use, steel metal and parts of the stone stick to the surface of the stone, more precisely to the microscopic valleys in it. When the surface of the stone gets blocked, it does not work as it should. Nagura stone gently cleans the surface of your stones. You will also extend the life of your stone if you do not clean the surface of the stone with a smoothing stone every time.

In addition to this, Nagura stone is used in the polishing of knives, and with the help of Nagura, a "mud" that supports polishing is made on the surface of the stone very well.

These Tsushima Nagura are natural Nagura stone and come from the seabed, the stone is surface-treated with varnish on all but the surface to guarantee durability.

Note: This stone does not need immersion irrigation.

Size: 45X45X45mm