Choyo Kiritsuke Ao1 Gyuto 240mm – Japanese kitchen knife
Choyo Kiritsuke Ao1 Gyuto 240mm – Japanese kitchen knife

Choyo Kiritsuke Ao1 Gyuto 240mm – Japanese kitchen knife

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Choyo Kiritsuke Ao1 Gyuto 240mm Kitchen knife

T um ä Choyo Ao1 Kiritsuke Gyuto is made from Aogami1 ter to eat eh. Ter ä is specially designed very thin and it's really nice av ä k used eh eh. The handle of the knife is traditionally made from Magnolia sec ä front hela from Buffalo horn. Sakai is led by k sedated beer The parents have created a functional and incredibly beautiful sec ä a balanced whole. Literally a great choice for those who value quality.

Choyo's Aogami1 line is forged by Tanaka Hamono. Tanaka forging sec ä l mom the presentation is known to be really good eh, t oh at night Aogami ter ax sharpenability sec ä ter stuttering is correct. Aogami1 steel has approx. 1.2-1.4% carbon. The first choice of many professionals.

Choyo knives are faceted, sharpened sec ä polished with Morihiro hamon. Morihiro san is the developer sing, among other things, a low-pitched cut for wa-Gyuto sec ä Ter I carry eh än(ago) facet grinding. One can talk about a pioneer who nevertheless respects traditions eh.

Sakai Kikumori has made high-quality soup belted out ä since 1926 l squealing. They än's products rely heavily on 600 years of history Sakai in high-quality knife manufacturing. Sakai Kikumori ty belches l close to many of Sakai's best sharpeners, sec ä with blacksmiths, producing quality in many styles eh.

The Choyo line is the flagship of Sakai Kikumori. From the beginning, the knives have been made with skillful k sedated beer bargain of the masters aunt omg oh ä standard. Choyo knife blade ät is mirror polished, the knife box even says: Brilliant masterpieces. No don't mind the declaration we are not overshooting at all.

The knife comes with a steel guard (Saya) with a plastic locking pin. The knife should never be placed wet in the steel guard, because then it will rust. For longer storage, we recommend treating the blade with Tsubaki oil.

Ter length: approx. 225mm

Blade height: 45mm

Total length: 380mm

Ter hardness: approx. 63/64 HRC

Note: Care is required to prevent the knife from rusting. With hard knives ä mustn't cut mit eh än j old man ä or hard. especially very thin thickness, not tolerable ä k handling errors ah! Note that the blade of the knife has a protective film against rust, which must be removed with e.g. acetone before use