Fujiwara Maboroshi 165mm Santoku - Japanese Kitchen Knife

Fujiwara Maboroshi 165mm Santoku - Japanese Kitchen Knife

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Fujiwara Maboroshi 165mm Santoku - Japanese kitchen knife

Fujiwara Maboroshi 165mm Santoku is top quality  kitchen knife with a blade made of Shirogami1 carbon steel eh. Santoku( 三徳) is a knife aimed at vegetables, meat and fish, which is one of the most popular Japanese knife models in homes.

This Maboroshi Santoku features Fujiwara-laminated Shirogami1 carbon steel between two stainless steel cheeks (sanmai), a technique pioneered by the smith's father's nation. His heat treats his blades really hard and his knives hold their blades very well. the handle is 8-angled and has a front chain made of buffalo horn, i.e. a very classic style.

The Fujiwara family started 130 years ago as forging swords, but then after World War II, when sword production collapsed, Teruyasu Fujiwara IV started making kitchen knives. knives are designed with the professional in mind. The blade is very hard (64-65, Rockwell) and thin behind the blade, so it cuts really well. Due to its hardness, the blade retains its sharpness for a very long time. The carbon steel core of the blade is protected by stainless sides (Sanmai), so the blade of the knife is not easily rusted. The knife in question is razor sharp and beautifully finished. If you like slightly more special knives that cut well and have a strong atmosphere, this is it. It says on the blade 藤原伟康作 = Fujiwara Teruyasu Saku = Made by Teuyasu Fujiwara.

Blade length: approx. 165mm 

Knife weight: -

Blade hardness: HRC:65-66

Handle length: 123mm Magnolia & Buffalo horn

Note: Follow the instructions regarding the use of Japanese knives. Do not machine wash.

the hardness of the blade (64-65) should be taken into account in relation to the cutting surface and general use, as these knives are on the harder end.