Hasegawa FRK 46x26 Cutting board

Hasegawa FRK 46x26 Cutting board

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Hasegawa FRK Cutting board

The Hasegawa FRK Cutting board is otherwise similar to the Pro soft, but it is so-called the home model size is smaller. The core of the Pro PE cutting board is also wood, so it keeps its shape and is light for its size.

The surface material of the cutting board is ideal for general use and just hard enough to be sufficiently durable and knife-friendly. The Pro PE cutting board has a more slippery surface, which allows the knife to slide more on the board surface when cutting than in the soft version. This board can too wash in the dishwasher.

Designed for professional use , Hasegawa Pro PE is a very good choice for home or workplace when you want to choose a hygienic and very stylish cutting board. Cutting board preferred by professionals.

Size: 500x250x20mm