Kitaoka Aogami2 Migaki Deba Keittiöveitsi
Hideo Kitaoka 165mm Deba – Japanese kitchen knife

Hideo Kitaoka 165mm Deba – Japanese kitchen knife

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Hideo Kitaoka 165mm Deba Kitchen knife

Deba is a one-sided (Kataba) special knife intended for processing fish, such as chopping and filleting. Unlike in the West, fish in Japan has traditionally been processed with a stiff knife. The knife is made of Aogami2 carbon steel.

Handle : Traditional Wa handle, the handle is made of Ebony, and the front handle is made of Pakka wood.

The length of the knife is suitable for Finland, because we don't have very big fish either. Blade thickness: approx. 8mm (at the heel, varies from individual to individual))

Blade length: 167mm

Blade height: 50 mm (at the heel)

Total length: 308mm

Weight: 305 gr.

Note: These knives are best suited for users who are used to single-sided/Kataba knives. The knife must be dried immediately, otherwise it will rust.