Misono Petty 130mm – Japanese kitchen knife

Misono Petty 130mm – Japanese kitchen knife

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Misono Eu Carbon Petty Kitchen Knife 130mm

T um ä Petty is Misono's carbon steel line Eu carbon, with a high-quality monosteel steel blade. This series is known for its sharpness. 130mm Petty is a handy universal knife with a blade size.

Misono from Seki is known for its quality and they do everything themselves. Misono is also a special workshop because they have decided to use Swedish steel in the knives. Misono Hamono was founded in 1935, and they started producing their own knives in the 60s. At Misono, everything is done in the traditional style; forging, hand forging, hand sharpening, etc. Manufacturing methods and quality combined with their western knife style makes Misono a globally respected manufacturer.

Ter ä: Swedish carbon steel

Ter hardness: approx. 60 HRC

Ter length: approx. 130mm

Lamination/Cladding: -(monosteel)

Handle: Pakka wood, brass rivets

Handle length: 98mm

Weight: 73gr .