Tsunehisa AS Bunka Blade 165mm

Tsunehisa AS Bunka Blade 165mm

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Tsunehisa AS Bunka Blade 165mm

Tsunehisa Aogamisuper Bunkan Ter ä 165mm is a high-quality blade that is skillfully finished. Bunka, a general-purpose kitchen knife, is suitable for handling vegetables, fish as well as meat. Bunka has a sharp point, it is called Kiritsuke by another name.

Ter as: Aogamisuper

Ter hoarseness: approx. 62/63

Ter length: approx. 172mm

Blade height: -

Lamination/Cladding: Stainless

Note: These knives are much harder than European knives night knives, so niit ä can't k by hand in the same way. OF ex ä with a knife ä should not be cut mit eh not hard, no oh them ä gets by force v eh ent eh ä or k eh ent eh eh. V eh erin k handmade n um ä knives can break more easily, etc. Eik ä v eh er ä k handling like this is not a basis for warranty.