Tsunehisa AS Sujihiki 240mm - Japanese Kitchen Knife

Tsunehisa AS Sujihiki 240mm - Japanese Kitchen Knife

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Tsunehisa AS Sujihiki 240mm - Japanese Keitti ö knife

240mm Sujihiki equipped with a red handle. The blade is Tsuchime Kurouchi finished, i.e. forged black with decorative forging.

Sujihiki makes slicing enjoyable thanks to the low blade height.

Ter än core is made of Aogamisuper coal ter to eat eh, but the laminated cheeks are stainless steel. This makes the knife carefree. Ter ä is l app alright hand-hardened to approx. 63 HRC hardness, which guarantees excellent steel v intellectually eh.

Ter length: 240mm

Total length: -

Ter pitch: -

Weight: -

Ter äs: Aogamisuper ter ä/rst cheeks

Ter hardness: approx. 63 HRC

Handle Style: Yo

Handle material: Packwood

Note: Knife ä should not be cut mit eh än j old man ä or hard, no you know ä come k by hand ä by force, v eh ent eh ä or k eh ent eh eh. Sculpture ä won't come to Pest ä in the washing machine.