Nakiri – the vegetarian's natural knife choice

The square Nakiri is one of Japan's oldest knife models. The use of nakir type knives goes back a long way in history, as the main ingredients of Japanese cuisine have been vegetables and fish. Already at the end of the 6th century, due to Buddhist influences, the emperor forbade eating meat. It was only with westernization in the Meiji period, at the end of the 19th century, that the ban on eating meat was finally abolished.

At last now, 170 years later, limiting meat consumption is relevant again.

The Nakir has a straight blade that allows for great contact with the cutting board. Large contact with the cutting board enables a clean cut mark when working with fibrous vegetables. Nakiri requires a bit of getting used to, but will soon reward its users as the ultimate vegetable cutting machine. In addition, Nakiri feels safe both for the user and for the people close to them, who may be heated by very sharp knives. Nakiri is therefore, in addition to an ethical choice, a great option for the first Japanese kitchen knife.

First getting used to eating meat, then getting used to eating meat and now stopping eating meat again. As is often said, history really does repeat itself. Choose Nakiri, a vegetable knife and more sustainable ingredients, and Mother Earth will thank you.