Pallares Ebony Keittiöveitsi

Pallares Aragon Ebony 170mm – Spanish kitchen knife

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Aragon is a carbon steel fulltang kitchen knife. This knife works great as a general kitchen knife, for cleaning meat or on the grill. A classic European kitchen knife with attitude. This Aragon knife is equipped with an Elegant Ebony handle that breathes life from the past. The model in question is our own Custom version of the Aragon knife eh.

Blade: 170mm carbon steel

blade: height: 30mm

Kok: -

Handle: Riveted Ebony

Cuchilleria Pallares was founded in 1917 in the Solsona region of Catalonia. The area was once known for its knife makers. Today, Pallares is the only remaining evidence of these knives and their makers. The company currently has 18 employees and everyone alternates between office and workshop work. Pallares still strives to use traditional high-quality materials and is known for well-heated steel. the knives are hand-sharpened and assembled, they also have a great cutting feel. Knives also stay sharp for a long time. These knives are also a pleasure to sharpen. We recommend.

Note: This knife is made of carbon steel and patinas with use. Keep the knife dry and clean to prevent it from rusting.