Arashiyama 6000grit. Teroituskivi

Arashiyama 6000 grit. Sharpening stone

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Arashiyama 6000 grit. Sharpening stone.

A great medium-coarse stone that is a must-have in any sharpener's collection. A stone with a good sharpening feel that does not need to be soaked in water. Works well as a starting stone for resetting the blade angle before a finer finishing stone, but also as a finishing stone if the goal is a more biting and rougher finished "workhorse" blade.

The stone develops a lot of silt, which means that it needs to be leveled regularly. On the stone, you get a good contrast between Jigane (laminate) and Hagane (core of the blade), which naturally interests owners of Widebevel and singlebevel knives. The stone was made by Imanishi from Kyoto, known for its quality.

Grit: #1000

Size: 200x75x20mm
Type: Water grinding stone, Splash&go