Choyo Ginsan Santoku 180mm
Choyo Ginsan Santoku 180mm

Choyo Ginsan Santoku 180mm

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Choyo Ginsan Santoku 180mm

T um ä Choyo Ginsan Santoku is made from Ginsan ter to eat ä, which approx. 13% chrome addition is stainless thanks to the coal ä ter visit ä is 1%. Ter ä is specially designed very thin and it's really nice av ä k used eh eh. The handle of the knife is traditionally made from Magnolia sec ä front hela from Buffalo horn. Sakai is led by k sedated beer the parents have created a worry-free (rust), functional and incredibly beautiful sec ä a balanced whole. Literally a great choice for those who value quality.

Choyo Ginsa's line is forged at Nakagawa Hamono (formerly Shiraki). Nakagawa hamonno forging sec ä l mom the presentation is really good eh, t oh at night Ginsa ter ax sharpenability sec ä ter stuttering is correct. The choice of many professionals thanks to its rustproofness and sharpenability

Choyo knives are faceted, sharpened sec ä polished with Morihiro hamon. Morihiro san is the developer sing, among other things, a low-pitched cut for wa-Gyuto sec ä Ter I carry eh än(ago) facet grinding. One can speak of a pioneer who respects traditions eh.

Sakai Kikumori has made high-quality soup belted out ä since 1926 l squealing. They än's products rely heavily on 600 years of history Sakai in high-quality knife manufacturing. Sakai Kikumori ty belches l close to many of Sakai's best sharpeners, sec ä with blacksmiths, producing quality in many styles eh.

The Choyo line is the flagship of Sakai Kikumori. From the beginning, the knives have been made with skillful k sedated beer bargain of the masters aunt omg oh ä standard. Choyo knife blade ät is mirror polished, the knife box even says: Brilliant masterpieces. No don't mind the declaration we are not overshooting at all.

Ter length: approx. 170mm

Total length: -

Ter hardness: 59-61HRC

Note: Care is required to prevent the knife from rusting. With hard knives ä mustn't cut mit eh än j old man ä or hard. especially very thin thickness, not tolerable ä k handling errors ah!