Kikuzuki Kurouchi Gyuto 210mm – Japanese kitchen knife

Kikuzuki Kurouchi Gyuto 210mm – Japanese kitchen knife

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Kikuzuki Kurouchi Gyuto 210mm

KiKuzuki Ku Gyuto is made with Shirogami2 carbon fiber to eat eh. My ös lamination Ter ace is iron. The blade is specially chamfered so thin and is really nice av ä k used eh eh. The black cheek is the result of the blacksmith's forging, and this requires skill from the blacksmith, because the geometry of the blade must be adjusted to its dimensions during the forging phase.

The handle of the knife is traditionally made from Magnolia sec ä front hela from Buffalo horn. Sakai is led by k sedated beer the parents have created a worry-free (rust), functional and incredibly beautiful sec ä a balanced whole. An easy choice for those who value quality and tradition.

The Kikuzuki line has been forged in Yoshikazu Tanaka's workshop, in skilled hands. Tanaka is known as a master of Hitachi Metals' different steels and their processing, but if he could choose only one steel, it would be Shirogami2.

Sakai Kikumori has made high-quality soup belted out ä since 1926 l squealing. They än's products rely heavily on 600 years of history In Sakai's renowned knife manufacturing. Sakai Kikumori ty belches l vaguely by many of Sakai's best sharpeners, blacksmiths, sec ä of the losers with producing quality in many styles eh.

Kikuzuki knives represent the best of Sakai uchihamono. From the beginning, the knives have been made with skillful k sedated beer bargain of the masters aunt omg oh ä standards.

Ter length: approx. 194mm

Total length: 341mm

Weight: 163 grams

Ter hardness: +/- 61HRC

Note: Care is required to prevent the knife from rusting. With hard knives ä mustn't cut mit eh än j old man ä or hard. especially very thin thickness, not tolerable ä worse k handling errors eh.