Ohishi Santoku SLD 165mm – Japanese kitchen knife

Ohishi Santoku SLD 165mm – Japanese kitchen knife

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Ohishi Santoku 165mm Aogami 2 Kurouchi Tsuchime

Ohishi Santoku is a knife made by skilled smiths in Sanjo, western Japan, famous for its knives. Santoku is a compact all-purpose knife and Japan's most popular knife model. The blade of the knife is made of SLD semi-stainless steel, which is laminated (Sanmai) between stainless cheeks. The blade is Tsuchime (pattern hammering) finished, without forgetting the style.

The hard 63-64 HRC blade and the wide, thin and beautiful face give the knife a very good cutting feel. The blade is forged in the Sanjo style from thicker steel and is thicker than the neck area, tapering beautifully towards the tip of the blade. This creates a good balance of the knife.

Knife length: 327mm

Blade length: 165mm, blade height: 49mm

Handle length: 128mm

Blade hardness: HRC: 62-63.

The handle of the knife is made of beautifully stained maple and the front handle is made of water-resistant boxwood. We think the handle is very good, because maple is slightly heavier than, for example, magnolia (Ho) and thus increases the balanced feeling in the hand.

Warning: Thin and hard Japanese knives are instruments that must be handled with care. Do not cut hard or icy raw material, or otherwise mishandle the knife by forcefully twisting/bending it. Only hand wash and dry carefully immediately after use. No insurance covers the above-mentioned or other damages caused by misuse.