Sharpening set Sharplife
Sharpening set Sharplife
Marble 400grit. korvaa Sharplife sarjassa WZ400grit. teroituskiven.

Sharpening set Sharplife

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The Sharplife sharpening set is great for both beginners and experienced sharpeners. Take your sharpening to the next level. The kit includes everything you need to get started. For comprehensive sharpening of coarse stone 220-600 grit (ara-to), medium-coarse stone 800-1500 (naka-to) and fine stone 2000-8000 (shiage-to). The set includes a sharpening stand with springs, a leveling stone and a Nagura stone.

The leveling stone has a very important function, to keep the surface of the stone straight. The Nagura stone has two functions, to clean the surface of the stone so that the surface does not get blocked, and to help in the formation of the so-called "polishing mud".

These are really high-quality Kyoto stones, which are also very large in size. Imanishi is a well-known manufacturer whose products are known for their quality. Imanish stones have better than average feedback. Of the stones in the series, WZ400 White must be soaked for approx. 10-20 minutes, and Arashiyama 1000 grit and Tamago 4000 grit are so-called splash&go stones. So soaking is only necessary when it is a really dull blade, or thinning of the blade.

The series became a degree better with 400 grit. after the stone changed to Marble 400grit. into stone.

Series products:

- Imanishi WZ400 grit white.

- Arashiyama 1000 grit. Sharpening stone.

-Tamago 4000 grit. Sharpening stone.

-Sprung sharpening stand (blue v from eh than).

-Leveling stone 100 grit.