Shirogami2 KU Gyuton Blade 180mm

Shirogami2 KU Gyuton Blade 180mm

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OUL Shirogami2 Gyuto 180mm is a high-quality Gyuto blade that is skillfully finished. Shirogami2 carbon steel is one of the easiest and most pleasant steels to sharpen, especially when the heat treatment is done well, as with this particular blade. The blade manufacturer is known as a very skilled handler of classic Japanese steels. The knife has a high level of finish and is chamfered very thin towards the tip.

Ter as: Shirogami2

Ter hardness: approx. 63/64HRC

Ter length: approx. 180mm

Blade height: -

Lamination/Cladding: Iron

Hinoura Hamono is a workshop that consists of is ä st ä (Tsukasa Hinoura) and son (Mutsumi Hinoura), who continue the tradition of blacksmithing in the Hinoura family. The Hinouras moved to the city of Sanjo in Niigata in 1912 and have been making knives   there for over a hundred years. Sanjo produces many prestigious knives, including: Tadafusa, Shigefusa, Yoshikane and Wakui. Sanjo is known as the city of blacksmiths.

Tsukasa Hinoura took on the responsibility of continuing the blacksmithing profession in his family in 1978, after which he has been constantly involved in, for example, metallurgy and steels, as well as forging. His ty   is S ä is very very high quality, sec ä beautiful and so on ä is appreciated my among other artisans, both in Japan and around the world. Tsukasa's son Mutsumi entered el um to a long sep I'm not into the profession ans ä alongside in 2001, which j they have not made a quality knife ä and ker gained many admirers worldwide.

Note: These knives are much harder than European knives night knives, so niit ä can't k by hand in the same way. OF ex ä with a knife ä should not be cut mit eh not hard, no oh them ä gets by force v eh ent eh ä or k eh ent eh eh. V eh erin k handmade n um ä knives can break more easily, etc. Eik ä v eh er ä k tampering is not a basis for warranty.