SKK Petty 180mm – Japanese kitchen knife

SKK Petty 180mm – Japanese kitchen knife

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SKK Petty 180mm

T um ä The utility knife is made of Molybdenum vanadium ter to eat eh. The knife is worry-free in terms of rusting and is suitable for a busy professional as well great for the home cook. Petty is the so-called general purpose knife and is well suited for a wide range of tasks to old

Sakai Kikumori has made high-quality soup belted out ä since 1926 l uhten and hei än's products strongly reflect Sakai's 600-year history in the manufacture of high-quality knives. Kikumori ty belches l close to many of Sakai's best sharpeners, sec ä with blacksmiths, producing quality in many styles eh.

Ter length: 180mm

Total length: -

Ter hardness: 59-60HRC