Sujihiki X Hasegawa Makisu - Bundle
Sujihiki X Hasegawa Makisu - Bundle

Sujihiki X Hasegawa Makisu - Bundle

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Sujihiki X Hasegawa Makisu - Bundle

Includes Akifusa's Aogamisuper steel Sujihiki knife and Hasegawa's Makisu for rolling sushi. Sujihiki with a 270mm long blade is the nobility of slicing, as well as an easier knife than the traditional Yanagiba. A great gift for all sushi and sashimi lovers.

Hasegawa Makisu Sushi mat

Hasegawa's Makisu, an efficient and hygienic mat designed for sushi rolling, is an absolute choice for both professional and home cooks. Thanks to the unique bumpy surface, the rice hardly sticks to the roll. the roll is machine washable and easy to dry. Rolling sushi doesn't get any easier than this. Strong recommendation.

Size: 250 x 240mm(M)

Ohishi Aogamisuper Sujihiki Kitchen knife 270mm

This Ohishi Aogamisuper Sujihiki 270mm is a real slicing tool. It is unadorned and simple. The blade itself is made of the popular Aogami super tempered steel, which retains its sharpness well because Tungsten and Chromium have been added to it. Aogami super also has 1.40-1.50% carbon. The core of the blade is protected by stainless cheeks, which helps against rusting. A great choice for a professional.

 Blade length: 268mm

Total length of the knife: 388 mm

Knife weight: -

Handle length: 115mm

Blade hardness: HRC: 63-64.

The handle of the knife is western style (Yo), made of Pella micarta and attached with three rivets.

Note: In the knife, the blade itself is made of carbon steel and should be wiped and dried immediately after use. The hardness of the blade is rewarding because the knife retains its sharpness for a long time. However, the hardness may require some getting used to.